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it’s all about the little things

The detailing service at PREMIER CARWASH, refreshes all the surfaces of your vehicle.


Exterior detailing safely removes oxidation, road tar, tree sap and other imperfections from your vehicle.  We use professional grade chemicals and equipment that's just right for your vehicles finishes.


Interior detailing refreshes the fabric or leather seats, cleans all vinyl and rubber surfaces, and professionally extracts residue from carpets, headliners and floor mats.


Full detailing combines the Interior and Exterior services.  Refreshing your vehicle from “bumper to bumper”


prices starting at


$185 for full service

$100 for interior Service

$100 for Exterior Service


Interior Detailing:

(Approximately 2 to 3 hours)

Exterior Detailing:

(Approximately 2 to 3 hours)

• Car Washed

• Dashboard

• Vents

• Door panels

• Console

• Headliners

• Windows

• TrunkCargo Area

• Mats

• Carpets

• Seats cleaned

• Leather Conditioned

• Car washed

• Claybar

• Layer of polish

• Layer of wax

• Doorjambs

• Wheels

• Molding

• Bumpers

• Tireshine

Darker cars are an additional $15 (they take a little bit more work)